DIY Nucs

In this learning circle, we will work with several beekeeping veterans to cut and assemble our own nuc box. Everything needed to assemble a nuc will be on site for you to use.


The nuc pattern we will use is based off D. Coates design for 5 deep frames. Participants will have a few variations available to customize the nuc to their particular practice.

A nuc is an extremely handy piece of woodenware to have ready at all times. Need a place to store frames temporarily? Use a nuc. Get a random swarm call? Use a nuc. Find a queen cell? Use a nuc. I could go on and on!


This hands-on Learning Circle will be held with plenty of helpful friendly beekeepers running table saws. It’s a great value compared to unassembled nucs purchased from catalogs (around $50).


Sunday, April 28 

1:30 – 3 p.m.

Julia’s WDM backyard

Capacity of 12 beekeepers, one box per beekeeper.


Fee $20 (refundable up to April 19, 2024)


Native Legacy and Abundant Design will also have plants for sale at a discount. Peruse the plant list (you’ll have to download it) and purchase through my shop – we’re expecting to have pussywillow, red twig dogwood, wood mint, pussytoes, a few sedges, and a lot of forbs available.

julia by winter hivesJulia’s most recent nuc making class was held in April 2016 — much too long ago!


She spent 2023 producing and evaluating the effectiveness of peer learning in groups with no more than 15 people. Based on that work, she now focuses on offering interesting topics that bee clubs cannot feasibly present, including grafting, cutouts, and making nucs.

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