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julia uncapping a frame of honey

I pull and process each frame of honey by hand myself.

I keep beehives in a beautiful, protected spot in rural Madison County. My honey is a safe and honest food. I pour and store in glass jars. I also have plastic squeeze bottles available for dispensing because I understand being practical — just ask me.

UPDATE 8/25/2021: Honey from the land at PepperHarrow Farm has been delivered to the farm. I harvested during early August, then bottled. Once it is gone, that’s all until next year. I can connect you with other local honey producers (no guarantee on the lavender notes).

I am here to tell you that my honey is:

  • Filtered one time with a coarse filter, so you may find pollen grains in your honey.
  • Possibly going to turn (or crystallize), especially if it is kept in a cool place. Honey never spoils, so don’t throw it in the trash if it hardens! Set it in a very warm water bath as needed and it will re-liquefy.

One fun fact: all the honey in the picture below came from the same year, but different hives, different times of the year! The flavor and color of honey depends on the nectar used to create it.  Honey bees are quite miraculous in this way.

jars of honey of different colors