Lip Balm

Poured by hand with no added fragrance or color

bundles of lip balm tubes and wax barsPollinator Lip Balm has a natural fragrance and flavor from its wholesome ingredients — beeswax and domestic sunflower or almond oil. I choose sunflower and almond oil because honey bees  pollinated to make seed that makes the oil. 

I take care to pour this by hand for my family’s sensitive skin and enjoy sharing the same care with others.

To purchase locally (central Iowa), send me a note and we can work something out — click here. The price is $2/tube and I accept cash and PayPal.

I filter and melt small batches of beeswax with the help of the sun. Once it’s melted, I grate it by hand, then mix my recipe and pour it into new, empty tubes. No added fragrance, no added color.

Because I heard that lip balm works well for ice fishing reels, I removed honey from the ingredient list to prevent a mess. No negative impact to quality has been experienced or reported.

Speaking of color — the color of the wax varies according to the use of the wax, age, time of year, etc. For lip balm, cappings are used because they are food grade. If they are older cappings, you may get a tube of yellow-er lip balm, in contrast to newer cappings that give a whiter color. The same recipe was used, but the wax was harvested under different conditions. Aren’t bees amazing?

blocks of beeswax of different colors

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