Online Learning Circles

Online Learning Circles will be held in the first half of the month at the convenience of the speaker’s schedule, and in-person Learning Circles will be field days held in the second half of the month. I will always facilitate and open with Phenology. We’ll have plenty of Q and A time to end.

Participants must register and can attend as often as they like. Thanks to grant funding, there is no fee to attend.

April 6: First Inspections and deadouts with Wayne Scott. We’ll visit his bee yard by video as he explains what he’s doing. 

May: Leadership and organizational needs of the state-wide community. Similar to the Phenology Planner and Calendar in the sense that they were crowd-sourced and responsive to the community’s needs, May’s Learning Circle will be a time for beekeeping club members and leaders to understand how Learning Circles can supplement their current offerings, boost their membership, and influence the direction of Learning Circles.

June: Tax implications of a hobby farm vs. a farming business and the role of business entities concerning tax and liability with Kitt Tovar Jensen, Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation.