Basswood / Linden

linden tree
Linden, pyramidal shape, Polk County

Basswood (Linden), Tilia americana

This pyramidal tree is messy. In addition to sap, it will drop leaves, fruits, bracts, and flower petals. I am putting a variety of photos here of bark, etc. to help identify the basswood (“bastwood” is its fascinating origin) as it provides a large early nectar flow.

For me, lindens bloom after catalpas, mid-June, and provide a major nectar flow. Super up upon budburst.

Linden tree
Linden tree with pale bracts, Polk County
flowers on a linden tree (also called basswood tree)
Linden tree leaves, bracts, and flowers
Linden tree leaves, bracts, and flowers; Polk County
linden tree leaves, bracts, buds (unopened flowers)
Linden tree leaves, bracts, buds
linden flowers dried up
Linden, dried flowers, onset of fruit, Polk County