Black Locust

black locust flowers and honey bee (c) 2021 Isabella McGuire
Black Locust flowers and honey bee, Story County

Black Locust, Robinia pseudoacacia

Bright white (see photos below) dangling flower clusters, brightness fades over time. The dangling characteristic is evident when the wind blows. See photo below for leaves. Locusts have an very upright, open silhouette (as opposed to conical, round, or rectangular).

Blooms last half of May (up until Memorial Day) in my area and produce an abundant, early nectar.

Leaves are not nearly as even in size and shape and much bigger than the more cultivated types (typical in parking lots).

In autumn, the seed pods are difficult to see because they are short (see photo), less than the span of my palm. Leaves turn yellow by early Oct.

black locust tree
Black Locust, Polk County, May 2022
bright white locust flowers seen from the road
bright white locust flowers seen from the road, Madison County
black locust flowers and leaves
Black Locust flowers and leaves
black locust bark
black locust bark has shallow ridges
black locust seed pod
this seed pod was about 3" long