Black Willow
Black Willow, Polk County

Willow, Salix spp.

Iowa has six native willow species — Missouri, Pussy, Shiny, Peach Leaf, Black, and Sandbar. 

Willow leaves are all similar – alternate and simple, long and thin. I look for leaves because their silhouettes are all varied — bushes, sticks growing out of a sand bar, large trees – both weeping and upright (see photos). 

Willows are great pollen sources in early spring. The leaves turn yellow in the fall.

willow leaves
Willow leaves, Polk County
willow leaf
Willow leaf, Madison County
willow leaves upright
Willow leaves, upright
willow tree upright
Willow, Polk County
willow in sand bar
Sandbar Willow, Polk County
willow in autumn
Willow in autumn