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Sumac full bloom with honey bee (c) 2021 Ben Philips
Sumac full bloom with honey bee, Story County (c) 2021 Ben Philips

Sumac, Rhus

According to NREM at Iowa State University, Smooth (Rhus Glabra) and Staghorn Sumacs (Rhus typhina) are native to Iowa. 

Their flowers are difficult to spot because of their size and color, so I look for them in the fall when I see red seedheads and red leaves appear. The relation to beekeeping is the dried fruit heads can be used as smoker fuel.

Sumac seedheads
Sumac seedheads
Sumac seedheads
Sumac seedheads, Polk County
sumac leaf
Sumac leaf
sumac in winter
Sumac in winter, Polk County