crafty monday

Crafty Monday

STARBURST BRACELET TUTORIAL Today, I’d like to share a sweet craft with you — making a bracelet out of Starburst candy wrappers Material needed: wrappers from Starburst candies Each link will be approximately 5/8″ long, and everyone’s wrist is a different size, so I’ll let you do the math. Or,…

Crafty Monday: Needlecraft Cards

My ten year old made a valentine with needlework Last week, I mentioned that we’re making valentines at our house. Stitchery, or needlework, has a particular “look,” where lines appear textural. Similar to sewing cards of toddlerhood, stitched cards have a charming look. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. What…

paper weaving

Crafty Monday: Valentine cards

…quality tools and materials are key to a child’s creation of quality artwork. I allow my kids to use my paper cutter, “good” markers, and “adult” paper punches (you see a corner rounder on the table).