FO: Knitting again

I had some time all to myself one recent weekend while the men took a winter campout. I took charge of the remote control and watched a fascinating Marie Curie documentary and knitted. I decided that it was time to make dishcloths. Almost an annual ordeal, my dishcloths literally get worn out.…

Homemade tubular yarn

Experiment time from last week: homemade tubular yarn This last year has been full of t-shirt yarn tutorials. (Go ahead, do a google searh for ‘t-shirt yarn tutorial.’ You’ll get a gazillion results.) I purchased a few skeins of tubular yarn for a pattern, and it was pricey. So it’s…

Open Mesh

Finished another dish cloth. This pattern is a mesh that I found on Lion Brand’s website. I used scraps from my stash. All I have left now (in kitchen cotton at least LOL) is white yarn  🙂

Off the sticks!

edited on May 25, 2010: So idyllic — fruit, bread, flowers, and a hand knitted dish cloth. I’m submitting this top photo in Sweet Shot Tuesday. Join in! I worked this one pretty fast! That also means that I’ve spent a loooooooot of time in front of the tube. The…

On the Sticks

My 16yo (yikes, that’s old!) noticed this phrase at the end of the dishcloth pattern I’m working on. It does make you laugh. The photo shows the ‘wrong’ side of a pattern called Open Star.