girl with a knife

sugar cookies, christmas 2010

Girl with a knife series, installment 7

The knife photo series lives, without me even trying! This photo was meant to be. Here is the debris scene — the workspace of one of my nieces, after a session of serious cookie decorating. This is my entry for Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Girl with a knife series, installment 6

The last Girl with a knife photo Sniff. Sigh. Week 6 of the Food + Foto Challenge. I will miss it. I learned how to take a bokeh (pretty faded lights), how to adjust the depth of field with my camera (the background is so soft), how to use picnik…

Food + Foto challenge, girl with a knife series

Girl with a Knife Series, Installment 3

This is my third entry for the¬†Food + Foto session of Souvenir Foto School. Other entries for the week can be found at this webpage. Two two’s: I’ve been trying for two weeks to have a bread photo, and finally met success today. And I have two knives in this…