Advent photo challenge: Wreath

what is old is new

Today’s photo challenge topic was fairly easy. We have a few Advent wreaths — a family Advent retreat, a child’s religion class (times two), my own purchase, and my grandma. The wreath in the photo is a new purchase that I made, mostly because the candle holders are better than the that on the other wreaths. I can still look at the gorgeous family wreath we made (it is quite large), or the one from Grandma that could be a twin to the one in the photo (but imagine faded plastic holly leaves and berries for greenery), but if the candles are going to stay in place, we have to use this one.

The kids have now accepted that it is Advent and are used to the wreath now. Every now and then there is a little “Aw, I want to light it” quibble, but they know that yes, the time is here.

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