The summer unfolds

We got new chairs for the living room.

living room chairs blog no faces
Eventually we’ll rotate everything counterclockwise one quarter turn.

My youngest and I went on a mission trip to an Indian reservation.

6 friday lake (2) resized
I felt encouraged by the youth and their excitement over shared spirituality and a genuine work ethic.

When we returned from the mission trip, there was no rest. I had a honey bee program for day camp kids.

#pollination, #honeybees
Contents of my bag of tricks. We focused on pollination and its impact on us.

I also came home to a crazy amount of harvest. Basil, yellow wax beans, zucchini, potatoes, garlic, and onions were all pulled. I got a few weeds as well.

After the rough wash, before the final rinse.
After the rough wash, before the final rinse.
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